Evaluation and Reviews

iDiscovery has demonstrated its ability to:

  • support and develop professional leadership by encouraging teachers and principals to become successful virtual community facilitators;
  • increase teacher use of internet resources in their classrooms;
  • encourage teacher collaboration and critical dialogue around instructional pedagogy issues;
  • increase teacher use of inquiry-based and problem-solving-based instructional strategies.

After completing an iDiscovery workshop, participants overwhelmingly reported that:

  • they learned new concepts, facts, and definitions;
  • they learned new instructional approaches;
  • iDiscovery provided useful methods for transferring new knowledge to the classroom;
  • the program was linked to state and national standards;
  • they have maintained contact with other participants;
  • the program led to the establishment of a professional network among participants;
  • they recommended the program to other teachers:
  • their students were more attentive, enthusiastic, and involved in classroom activities.

What Participants Say Endorsements