What Participants Say

“We had such great conversations, and sharing of great lessons! It was so nice because my teachers in different buildings rarely see each other and we had some from each building. They became the representatives to share lessons in their buildings from iDiscovery, because we were focusing on Math/Lit lessons as a district this year…. we are progressing with the reform. iDiscovery has been such a large part of that progression. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have our school participate. It has made such a difference in helping implement reform mathematics in our district.” — Carol Kuchta, district mathematics coach, Austintown Local Schools

“I had some great sharing of ideas, web sites, materials, experiences, and more. Several of the teachers have developed partnerships to plan together and pledge to continue throughout the school year and beyond. I had two special education teachers that really benefited from the discussion as well as giving strong input from their perspective on teaching. I continue to find iDiscovery a strong PD component and honestly would not change any thing at this time. ” — Dwayne Thompson, director, curriculum & instruction, Piqua City Schools

“I continue to find this type of professional development so very important to the improvement of mathematics instruction. I have done this for [6] years now and I keep going because I see the change that takes place in teachers as they read, think, discuss, teach lessons, encourage each other, and share experiences. ” — Diana Lowe, teacher, Strongsville City Schools

“As an administrator, I have seen this professional development promote many changes in instructional practices in my teachers. Even awesome veteran teachers have adjusted their teaching practices because of iDiscovery. Those teachers have also been able to mentor teachers in this format as well. ” — Galen Gingerich, principal, Broadway Elementary, Tipp City Exempted Village Schools

“There was tremendous evidence of participant growth, regarding knowledge of inquiry-based mathematics instruction. Participants stated the workshop promoted valuable dialogue, sharing, and feedback in such a friendly forum across grade levels. It allowed them to complete work on their own personal schedule, and gain new resources, ideas, and renewed enthusiasm for teaching. They felt it was a safe haven for asking questions and having meaningful, professional dialogue. They are excited to move forward into the spring workshop.” — Kim Rogers, teacher, Mentor Public Schools

“We had a great semester! I really enjoyed leading this group through our workshop, which focused on how technology integration improves student achievement in science and math. I think that my participants grew significantly this semester as I saw them stretching their conversations and feeling more comfortable asking other participants about their ideas, struggles, etc. It was a very supportive environment that allowed even our most nervous participants become comfortable in an online environment.” — Elana Slagle, educational consultant, SOITA

“I think we were able to really dig into algebraic thinking at all levels in the elementary setting. The discussions were of high quality and the sharing of strategies and ideas were ever flowing. Many times as I took part in grade level PLCs our discussions from the class spilled over into the conversations face to face. Colleagues who were not a part of the course still benefited from iDiscovery because the strategies would be revisited and shared in our face-to-face meetings.” — Candace Summers, Title 1 teacher/mentor/coach, Cleveland Heights-University Heights, City School District

iDiscovery continues to be a great professional development tool for our staff!” — Richard Hanes, superintendent, Piqua City School

“As a math coach, iDiscovery gives me the forum for engaging teachers in conversations about the implementation of standards-based mathematics lessons. This semester I included junior high and high school teachers in this course, so we had teachers from fifth grade to high school. The conversations were very interesting. Two of my fifth grade teachers told me privately that they had to do some review of mathematics just to keep up with the discussions. This is an awesome outcome of having mixing elementary and upper grade teachers in an iDiscovery course. Another great outcome from this course was giving the sixth, seventh and eighth grade teachers an opportunity to communicate about teaching mathematics.... I have been working as a math coach for five years and doing iDiscovery in my district for four years. I can say for certain that our teachers really do understand and are implementing standards-based lesson. I'm also thrilled to know that many of our teachers are using the ORC on a regular basis. This is all thanks to the iDiscovery program.” — Sandra Sanderson, math coach, Madison Local School District

“It was great to have many voices added to each conversation.... We had a great discussion, as a group, on math facts. There were some very strong feelings about memorization and/or using "crutches" such as calculators and charts. As a fourth grade teacher dealing with students who don't know their multiplication facts, it made me think about my own approach to this issue with my students. I feel that that is one of the great pieces to the iDiscovery experience. It gives us all, facilitators and participants, the opportunity to think about what we do in our classrooms and how to improve.” — Garry Hayden, teacher, Wyoming City Schools

“Many stated in their final reflection that iDiscovery helped them implement SOSI lessons/strategies in that it kept them focused on their goals and how the sharing with colleagues has opened their eyes to some opinions and ideas. We believe using iDiscovery is our way of using the 5e's in our own PD to continue cycling through the concepts and strategies while offering support at the same time.” — Jenni Brunka, SOSI facilitator, Southwest Region

“The comment I heard most was this course really helped me to use what I learned over the summer. Many of them said they know that they wouldn't have used what they learned over the summer if it wasn't for the iDiscovery class!” — Julie Schenke, teacher, Mason City School District

“As our county gifted coordinator, I have been busy this year training teachers how to use Moodle and create on-line courses for gifted students. Gifted teachers rave about how well they learn their students through the one-to-one discussions and the discussion threads. I would echo this finding with working with the teachers through iDiscovery. I felt like I had a better understanding of the teachers and their challenges by reading their threads and answering individual prompts. Through the responses I have really seen the teachers look at their teaching differently, especially when comparing inquiry vs. activity. That's a great feeling!” — Amy Bain, gifted coordinator, Clermont County ESC

“Without a doubt this was the most worthwhile group that I have facilitated in the last 3 years. We had a group with such a varied background: teachers from a building of students with severe behavioral problems, multi-handicapped teachers, elementary, middle and high school teachers, intervention specialists, etc. Just from reading their responses throughout the semester it is most evident that they have opened their eyes and increased their knowledge in inquiry.” — Marijane Recob, lead flight director, Dayton Challenger Learning Center, Dayton Public Schools

“Three years ago my district adopted a new math program. Many teachers struggled with the transition as we went from a very traditional math text to a reform-based series. It was very encouraging to see how much they have grown as math teachers. They have a good understanding of the philosophy and principles of reform math. I was really impressed with the support and encouragement they offered one another as they shared their successes and struggles.” — Leigh Ann Hewitt, teacher, Canal Winchester Local School District

iDiscovery is a highly valuable tool to provide PD and support to school personnel who are working within the constraints of a school system: lack of substitutes, time, and money to be able to move their ideas and programs forward are huge impacts. This on-line course allows the participants flexibility and provides them support within an easy to use format. The facilitator can guide the discussion in the direction it needs to go by properly formatting guiding questions that will carry the discussion in the direction necessary. Having used the class to forward the Marazano framework with in lessons and changing thinking in approaches to teaching created significant changes in approaches to teaching lessons.” — Deb Todd, teacher, Worthington Schools

“My participants were supportive of each other and carried on meaningful discussions that enhanced classroom performance. The theme and purpose of their summer classes was evident throughout the entire semester. I received many comments from the participants saying that they and their students were enjoying math class more and were enjoying much more meaningful discussions in class.” — Becky Link, teacher, Fort Recovery Local Schools

“I have been very impressed with the iDiscovery experience and it's effect on the teachers in our district. The communication and collaboration between our teachers, and those from other districts has been amazing. Teachers young and old routinely share ideas, experiences, failures, successes.... This course/program has evolved into a powerful learning tool for all involved. Most importantly, participants can work at their own pace, in their own home, and around their busy schedules. I would recommend the iDiscovery course to any teacher and/or administrator regardless of age or experience level. Someone once said experience is the best teacher and this program allows teachers to share their experiences for the benefit of all. I personally look forward to another session of iDiscovery math and the conversations it will bring. Thank you again for a great tool for professional growth.” — Mark Christian, assistant superintendent, South Point Local Schools

“This forum has forced us to collaborate, when during the year I am lucky to see another teacher during the day much less have time to talk to them and share ideas and techniques that work or don't work which has allowed me to improve my presence and direction in the classroom.” — Gardner Watkins, teacher, Dublin City Schools

“This was the first time that we did both math and science. We did a workshop in August to get us started and had one reading assignment on math and the other on science. We all really enjoyed the combination of subjects and several lessons were lessons that could either be a science plan or a math one. Making all of the lessons even more useful to all participants.... We all feel that this time together is very valuable! We learned from each other, helped each other and inspired each other. All of this from one course! Newark City Schools science department has really grown as a department and as teachers because of iDiscovery. Now with math and science we have united even more! Our three middle schools have become a team instead of a competition between three schools!” — Becky Bringardner, teacher, Newark City Schools

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