Using the Website – Answers to FAQs

Home Page Access

Our URL is You are welcome to visit the site and explore all of the information accessible from the Home Page.


Click on the VPLC Foundations 1 model workshop; the Classroom window will appear. You see community participants represented by self-selected icons around a virtual seminar table.

My Desk

Click on the “My Desk” to view the To Do List. Here you see a list of assignments or “To Dos” divided into organized clusters.

The first To Dos cover the necessary course beginning tasks. The introduction assignment encourages you to get to know your fellow participants. The primary course assignments are numbers 2 through 8. Assignment 9 completes the course.


Click on this To Do to see specific instructions and cautions regarding registration and payment. (The blue headings appear in the demonstration workshop for first-time visitors.)

The link to registration in this model is purposefully not active. Registration and payment are submitted through secure sites, accessed only through your assigned iDiscovery Website classroom. After completing and submitting the registration you will be automatically directed to another Website for payment by credit card.

Notice the final instruction asking you to post a response to the assignment after you have completed registration and payment. This is for your benefit – so that we can confirm that your registration matches your intent.

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