The iDiscovery Lead Participant

Work with educators in an online asynchronous seminar environment toward implementation of Ohio’s Learning Standards for mathematics and science. The iDiscovery professional development experience is designed to be a dialogue among educational professionals. Each iDiscovery workshop consists of a group of educators interacting to promote and support a specific educational program. This group of educators includes about 18-22 participants and one lead participant—the Lead Participant.

The iDiscovery Lead Participant – Responsibilities and Compensations

Within the workshop, and in response to the assignments, the Lead Participant functions in a dual role as both model participant and leader:

  • Models constructive participation in the dialogue throughout each assignment window.
  • Conducts timely formative monitoring and assessment, and essential remediation—by questioning, probing, challenging, and encouraging—in order to promote a deeply thorough, thoughtful, and constructively focused professional dialogue.
  • Evaluates the participants’ success in response to the assignment criteria and participant feedback rubric, and addresses subpar non-participation issues as needed.

As a member of the Educational Leadership community, the Lead Participant interacts with the Assistant Director and with the other Lead Participants:

  • Responds to a series of assignments designed to assist in the setup and execution of workshop tasks.
  • Shares ideas and strategies with other members of the Lead Participant Community.
  • Communicates routinely with the Assistant Director about specific workshop or participant concerns.

The Lead Participant receives compensation for the Lead Participant leadership role:

  • The Lead Participant earns graduate semester credits in Educational Leadership from Miami University.
  • The Lead Participant earns two graduate semester credits in Teacher Education from Miami University.
  • The Lead Participant must pay the $45 course registration fee.
  • The Lead Participant is awarded a $1000 stipend.
  • The Lead Participant gains experience through participation in and leadership of a professional dialogue among educators.
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