The iDiscovery Participant

Work with colleagues in an online asynchronous seminar environment toward implementation of the Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics or Science. The iDiscovery professional development experience is designed to be a dialogue among educational professionals. Each iDiscovery workshop consists of a group of educators interacting to promote and support a specific educational program. This group of educators includes about 18-22 participants and one lead participant—the Lead Participant.

The iDiscovery Participant – Responsibilities and Compensations

The Participant prepares for the class during a start-up window with facilitator assistance:

  • Completes registration and payment.
  • Acknowledges an understanding of the course syllabus.
  • Acknowledges the course grading participant feedback rubric and the importance of timely, thoughtful responses to seminar topics and discussions.
  • Begins introductory assignments and reviews assignments to be completed during the semester.

Within the workshop, in response to the assignments, the Participant functions as a member of a virtual professional learning community:

  • Thoughtfully responds to the assignments and to other participants in order to contribute to an interactive professional dialogue.
  • Responds in a timely manner—multiple times throughout the window of each seminar—in order to contribute to a thorough, thoughtful, and focused professional dialogue.
  • Reflects on his or her own practices and uses participation in the professional dialogue to enhance/improve those practices.

The participant receives compensation for participation:

  • The participant earns two or three tuition-waived graduate semester credits in Teacher Education (mathematics or science education) from Miami University.
  • Gains inclusion in a professional network of teachers sharing a common goal.
  • Gains experience gained through participation in a professional dialogue among educators.
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