More About iDiscovery

iDiscovery is a virtual professional development program designed to be a follow-on experience for math and/or science face-to-face PD institutes, or to assist schools, districts, ESCs, and other organizations in their efforts to implement science and mathematics curriculum and instruction. Our courses provide an opportunity for teachers to participate in an asynchronous, virtual professional dialogue in response to a series of assignments that are locally customized by the facilitator to address the specific focus of the group. The premise is simple and supported by research: Teachers who engage in supportive professional conversation with others attempting to implement the same mathematics or science pedagogy are far more likely to follow through with that implementation.

Each class is composed of about 18 - 20 participants and one facilitator. The facilitator will earn a $1000 stipend and will register for a 1 graduate semester credit course in Educational Leadership at Miami University as well as a 2 graduate semester credit course in Teacher Education for a total of 3 graduate credits.

Each participant must begin the course during a course start-up window and then participate online for the entire semester. The start-up window is organized and conducted by the facilitator. Each participant earns graduate credits in mathematics or science education from Miami University. Participants must apply and be accepted to the Graduate School with a non-refundable $20 Graduate School registration fee. Participants must then pay the $200 nonrefundable iDiscovery program fee when they register for the course. Payments are handled online via a secure, encrypted site. Cash or checks are not accepted.

This implementation/follow-on course is driven by a series of seminar assignments in which the facilitator plays a dual role as leader and participant, helping to keep the discussion focused by asking clarifying and probing questions for the purpose of promoting a deep professional dialogue. The discussion is designed to keep the community members focused on classroom implementation. Discussion prompts are selected by the facilitator for their relevance to the local program focus.

In a separate online leadership community, facilitators respond to a series of assignments designed to guide/remind the facilitator of necessary action in the participant workshop. This is also a vehicle for facilitator learning, sharing and support.

Funding permitting, a similar experience is offered in the spring for groups/communities that wish to continue with the implementation support. The participation incentives are the same.

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